Commercial Pest Control – How to Remove Pests from Your Business

Commercial pest control is essential for businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you operate a retail store, restaurant, or you're in charge of managing a hotel or office building, it's crucial that you keep your facilities clean and pest-free at all times.

If you're in the food industry, then you know how important it is to keep rodents out of your business: 

  • You don't want your customers seeing any form of pest, or else it could seriously hurt your reputation and your sales.
  • Not only that, pests can also pose a serious health concern, potentially contaminating your food or your kitchen areas. 
  • Plus, if health inspectors spot any sign of pests, it could spell trouble for your operations.

But it's not just the food industry that needs to worry about commercial pest control  All over the world, businesses struggle with the constant problem of having mice, rats, termites, squirrels, bees, and now more than ever: bed bugs. The potential risks can range from customers getting dangerous diseases to building structures being several damaged.

You can try your best to solve the problem yourself with some traps and a few cans of Raid. But without a professional, ongoing treatment program, provided by a skilled exterminator or pest removal company, then the problem will likely never completely go away.

To remove those pests, and prevent them from returning again, here's what you need to do.

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Best steps for commercial pest control

1. Call a skilled exterminator.

We can't stress this enough: the only way you'll be able to completely solve a pest problem – even if it's as “simple” as ants – is to call a professional pest control company.

2. Look specifically for a commercial pest control company.

Ask your exterminator if he has specific experience dealing with pests in a commercial setting. While many of the treatment programs are the same for homes and businesses, commercial facilities tend to require more aggressive efforts because of the sheer size of the buildings. Ideally, you want an expert who has dealt with similar pest problems at other businesses like yours.

3. Regular treatment is crucial.

Don't assume that just because the pests are gone this week they'll be gone next week. To prevent future invasions, businesses need to use an ongoing treatment program that provides year-round protection. Without this preventative measure, your rodents and bugs will keep coming back.

Get commercial pest control immediately

If your business has pests of any kind, let the Pest Control Specialists address – and solve – the problem right away. 

Our trained, licensed technicians and exterminators are located all over the United States and have vast experience in helping commercial facilities get rid of unwanted rodents and insects. We will provide an immediate solution, as well as ongoing treatment every three months or so to ensure that the future invasions are preventative. We specialize in the removal of all forms of pests, including mice, rats, bees, termites, ants, bed bugs and much more.

Call us at (888) 420-7540 for immediate assistance.


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